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    1. 歡迎來訪寧夏悅海賓館!








              Yue Hai Hotel is a foreign-related tourist hotel which gathered lodgings,restautant conference,fitness and entertainment together.It is an important polity,social activity and reception's place of main official business in Ningxia autonomous Region.Undertaking the reception of central committee ministries,government,army,important guests of neighbor provinces and also serving for the important conference,significant official business,commercial and foreign affair activity of local government. The construction of Hotel is magnificent in the scale,novel design,unique style,completed function and facilities.It all design on exquisite-mind whether body structure or decoration,culture,humanities and the modern atmosphere.It's a first-class hotel in northwest area and also in China,graceful environment,beautiful view,fine service and the intellectualized facility.The hotel is located at the east bank of YueHai Park,north of the Helan Mountain Road, the area of construction is 116,000m2.It is made up by three main body buildings(The International congress,the guest room center,the Restaurant and Fitness,Five VIP Building)and seven villas from east to west.


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      1. 郭静纯纯色